Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tak susah,tapi kita yg susahkan :)

Assalamualaikum wbt

We have many option in many thing in this world such as job,friend,marriage,car,house & so on BUT not in Solat,it's a MUST with NO excuses,

as "hamba" to our Creator,
as "peminjam" to our Owner, 

& PLEASE!! So pls don't be EGO like we're living in this world on our own,without His Permission we can't live even one second!Let's prayer,it's not take much time of ours,only 5-7minutes! Wallahualam =) 


my fren Ewan Burhan added his comment :

* betul, dating ngan awek/pakwe berjam-jam xpulak rasa penat & payah hee, dating ngan
 ALLAH ambil masa berapa minit jer dah rasa seperti susah -.-' Moga Allah SWT lindungi
kita dari bisikan & godaan syaitan laknatullah agar kita tidak lupa apa yg di wajibkan 
olehNya, Amin :D

# Actually we do have option in this, 
whether we want Heaven o Hell & the choice is yours...waalaikumussalam wbt

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