Monday, 21 January 2013

I am proud UiTM's Product

Assalamualaikum wbt,

1. Hmmm...agk lama aku x nge-update bloggy ni,tetiba teringin nk update =)
2. As for this entry,"An Autobiographical Essay <700 words for Postgraduate Admission =,=" i need to do an essay for my master application. Tersangat lah malas sbb dh lama x mengarang-ngarang ni,plus <700 words aduyai
3.Actually its a 2nd intake for UiTM Postgraduate March Intake, and im applied for coursework o Kerja Kursus bak kata Banker kt BSN aritu,dia ckp kt sini pnggil "Kerja Kursus" =,=" i was like,opssy dossy...Sorry la kak,sy tersebut Coursework,bkn kerja kursus...Beli no pin Rm49 + Rm 1 for commission.
4. Yang 1st intake aku "terlepas" 30 Nov 2012 ritu sbb salah maklumat dr IPSIS sendiri, aku call tny psl application utk fresh graduate ka yg abes 30 Nov 2012 tu,dia ckp bkn...Last2 9 Jan 2013 ritu kwn2 aku rmi ja dpt =,="
5. Nasib baik la bukak 2nd intake ni,alhamdulillah mungkin ada rezeki lg utk aku mohon master ni.
6. Seriously, sgt malas nk ngarang, to write about myself & my accomplishment for ordinary student like me sgt sikit la input nya nnt,hopefully later then i could manage to write as required.
7. Terpaksa lah menggunakan Uncle Google utk cri maklumat & so on,almaklum my english sgt terabur, tgk la entry ni pn dh mcm rojak apa xtau =,="
8. Luckily,after a couple of hours,i manage to get a good example & currently waiting for the "mood" to write the essay.
9. People might questioning me, why's UiTM instead of other unis,USM for example. u're already solid UiTM's Product from Diploma untill Degree,& now for Master still going for UiTM?
and my answer is easy =) coz they are currently the only one that open the application for master.
10. i had browsed the USM,UKM & others but they are not open for Master (Coursework) yet,so UiTM the only option for me to apply with.
11. the other reason is i hope to get credit transfer for this program so i can shorten my master duration,which normally will take 1 & half year (3semester). if i can get credit transfer who's know it can be end within 1 year which i'm desperately want it to be.
12. i don't mind to called "Purely UiTM's Product" in fact i'm proud over it >,< plus why not? 
13. Sry mls nk bebel-bebel dh =P until then,daaaaaaaaa wassalam =)

Diploma in Accountancy at UiTM Seri Iskandar,Perak
Degree in Biz Mgt (Marketing) at UiTM Merbok,Kedah
Master in Biz Admin at UiTM S.Alam,Selangor (Hopefully,inshaaAllah)
i am proud UiTM's Product >,<