Monday, 27 June 2011

"I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work"

Have u ever heard that before,somewhere,somehow >,<

Sound familiar aite?to be honest,i heard that quote b4 long long time ago plus with da story about dat particular person & his name is Thomas A. Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931) was an American inventor, scientist, and businessman (

For first time i heard da story about him when i was at Pangkor Island last year,attending seminar with my coursemates. da story told by Abg Mus our motivator back there...
he told us da story dat when Edison was young he not good with his stdy,always being scold by his teacher,being called "stupid" then his mother was angry with his teacher bcoz of tht,he bring Edison to meet his teacher & told him dat one day she wanna prove to him dat Edison is not "stupid" like he say

.........................................................Later on

when Edison grew up he bcome a scientist,he try to invent something new to be benefit for da human being...

try after try....

try after try....

and almost 10,000 times his action still wont work...
then he say to himself,

"I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work"

later then,he manage to invent/create the electric light bulb which we use right now...
right after that,if im not mistaken kinda forget his mother bring him to meet his teacher,retired teacher at tht time &   
"i told u tht Edison is not "stupid" & he's now a important person who invent da light bulb"

he's teacher at first kinda not believe about that his student who he usually called "stupid" manage to do something dat important...

Morale of da story :

"That means that the person never gave up - just because it didn't work the first time doesn't mean they won't come up with a way that does work. Be persistent - Don't Quit - Don't Guve Up!. It is similar to the quote "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." 

I have seen the quote written this way: " If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward."...
Even the steps that were taken - looking for the one that would work - the ones that didn't work were considered a step forward - a step toward "success"! 

Did you know that - "Thomas Edison Tested Over 3000 Filaments Before He Came Up With His Version of a Practical Light Bulb. As Shocking As It May Seem, This Was Not His Greatest Invention." Imagine if he had given up when the first one did not work! His persistence paid off!!!

This is something that clearly states that nothing - poor hearing or only 3 months of formal education: it was this his highly individualistic style of acquiring knowledge that eventually led him to question scores of the prevailing theories on the workings of electricity..... Approaching this complex field like a "lone eagle," he used his kaleidoscopic mind and his legendary memory, dexterity, and patience to perform whatever experiments were necessary to come up with his own related theories... As many of his contemporaries continued to indulge the popular electrical pontifications of the day, he was ever sharpening his now ingrained style of dispassionate and bold analysis.... "I accept almost nothing dealing with electricity without thoroughly testing it first." he often declared. Not surprisingly, by arming his brains with this perspective, he soon established a firm foothold in the world of practical electrical science And of course, at the dawn of the "Age Of Electric Light And Power," nothing could have better served his ultimate destiny in the field of invention..."

He never gave up! Here are a couple more quotes that show that he kept trying:

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
Thomas A. Edison 

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."
Thomas A. Edison 


Never never never ever give up,although u failed for da 1st time there always be for 2nd time,3rd time,4th time & even for 10,000 times its doesn't mean u have failed but u discover 10,000 way dat wont work. InsyAllah if we don't give up & never never never ever forget to pray to             THE ALMIGHTY Allah S.W.Twe will success,insyAllah...wallahualam
[̅̅L̲̅̅][̅̅o̲̅̅][̅̅v̲̅̅][̅̅i̲̅̅][̅̅n̲̅̅][̅̅g̲̅̅]  [̅̅i̲̅̅][̅̅t̲̅̅][̅̅u̲̅̅]  [̅̅S̲̅̅][̅̅y̲̅̅][̅̅a̲̅̅][̅̅f̲̅̅][̅̅i̲̅̅][̅̅q̲̅̅]

Friday, 24 June 2011

Being a facilitator...Part1

23rd June 2011 :
There is one program hold in Dewan Perdana UiTM Kedah which involving MDAB o Pre-comm's student and its start at around 8.30PM and end around 11PM. Suppose to be the participants if all MDAB/Pre-comm attend it will be about 360 student. Unfortunately,i heard there are others program involving College's Masria & they cant attend to this program and da number whose attend are lesser.

this program also known as LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan) among diploma/degree students,which we need to attend during weekend =,=" listening to booooooooooring lecture from da invited speaker/lecturer/freelance motivater & doing activities in groups & so on...

Ok-ok back to da topic,bla bla bla..then every faci must handle one group of this student but there also 2faci for one group. In my group,i got about 6-teen student (5 of them are boys,adoi lupe sorg lg =,=" shauki-yen-azri-jan & yana-anis-tikah-eirah-eila-wawa-faten-minah-mina-firah-liyana)
after we introduced ourselves i start to approach them,asking variety of question regarding their study. im fully aware that there are MDAB's that got 4-5A's in SPM but they unfortunate result in Math & English which making them to take dis pre-comm instead of diploma.

At first,im asking them regarding english/BEL' class, then i share them some tips that i went through o what im doing to improve my english even though my English not dat good,MUET with Band3 sad!!!! but i think my vocab quite numerous. i told them that i learn english tru Games & Manga (Japanese's Comics,which is in english eg Naruto,One Piece & Bleach ) =P which i was a hardcore gamer & love reading manga.Beside tht manga really help me a lot by adding more vocab to me & i also read <---- Ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir's Blog which give tons of info & knowledge regardless da issues. My big thx to him,my idol here in Malaysia o i could say in da world and i also give them example like they can learn english tru songs which i know that teens love to sing english song & from da lyrics they can add new vocab for them. Beside, i also recommend them to buy small notebook like "buku 555" & start to find 5new words and write down da meaning + make a sentence over it. This method i learned since my primary school called "LAWAD : Learn a word a day" from here there can practice to use those words into they essay. can u imagine if they maintain to practice LAWAD,in one month they manage  to learn about 30x5=150words =) superb isn't it? >,<

then i move asking about math,which from my exp math = practice everyday = easy = remembered =)
if we doing something every day i bet u will easily remember aite? =) so if u get confuse try to ask lecturer before u're left behind & dragged. insyAllah u'll juz fine >,<

i think i wanna stop here even though there plenty that i share & told during this program with them...
Later i update more regarding this since  i got more program with them later on >,<


Untold story behind da storybooks

Juz wanna share this info that i got from fb,actually im copied it from my coursemate Dia Mardiah's fb post long long long ago =P it's like ages before i express it here =,="

ok it sound like this :

"How do you expect kids to listen to their parents as,

Tarzan lives half naked

Cinderella comes back home at midnight,

Pinocchio lies all the time, 

Aladdin is the king of thieves, 

Batman drives at 320KM/h,

Sleeping beauty is lazy 

and Snow white lives with 7 guys. 

We shouldn’t be surprised if kids misbehave at times! They get this from their own storybooks"

Yeah,mayb we dont think so o we dont even realize this,but as the post title, 

It is untold story!


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sujud Syukur...

"Alhamdulillah syukur!" 
dats the words dat come out from my mouth when 1st time saw my result tru email =,) with tears run out automatically =P malu seyh,hahaha pedulik =P 1st thing i saw was GPA for current semester & its already make me extremely excited + super duper happy bcoz its over da target  & unexpected >,< 

Ni target awal sem,actually dr sem lps lg but since sem lpas xdpt so carry forward utk sem ni...
Cam biasa la kan awl-awl sem target xnk tgi plak kan,bkan ape sbgai motivasi diri & pastu aku dh lekat kt dinding utk sng nmpk >,< mayb sbb aku tmpal tgi sgt kowt smpi aku hari-hari pn xperasan bnda alah ni =P

Ha,yg ni jadual aku sem lps ( semester 3 ) nmpk mcm x packed je kan tp AGAK la..7sbjk JER 
(dari sem 1-3 asyik 7sbjk JER kan ) 7sbjk :-

 i-BMD501 - Mandarin III
ii.CTU553 - Ethnic Relations
iii. HRM533 - Human resourse
iv.MKT537 - Marketing Research
v.MKT544 - Internet Marketing
vi.MKT535 - Consumer Behaviour
vii.MKT534 - Product Management

x BYK pn kan,7 JER plus with NR & Bizmark so mmg x BYK laaaa.. =,="

throught out da semester then until da moment of the battle ( exam period la ) dpt plak jadual mcm hampehh,dari diploma lg xpenah dpt exam date mcm ni iaitu 1hari 2paper plus 2-2 membaca =,="

* Kt dlm gmbr ada tls penentuan kan sbb nye...Paper tuh aku failed 2-2 test =,=" mane2 student pn pasti akan cuak nk amek paper ni kalo dh test 2-2 failed...Harapan,penentuan hanya pada final exam,kalo dpt skor    final mean aku dh "slmt" utk lulus insyAllah blh,tp kalo dpt C,C+ o B- jatuh trukk ouhh nnt pointer dh la sbjk ni sbjk 4 kdt hrs =,="

yg ni my worst case scenario's prediction =(( sedih gle...

yg ni "Motivasi hari ini dan utk ke akhir semester : i need to score this badly to counter my worst case scenario prediction =( " <--caption mse aku upload kt fb

17.6.2011 - Akhirnya tiba hari yg penuh dgn debaran,excited but kinda cuak as well sbb paper MR dgn PM sgt menakutkan =,=" smpi mlm sblm tuh pn aku xlalu mkn,mkn sket je pastu bungkus (last-last terlupa mkn trus,adoiyai membazir btl =,= ) tepat pkl 12.01 am aku dh start login student portal,check email gmail & yahoo,sbb siang sblm tu aku tukar email so xtau diorg anta kt email mane..

tgu punya tgu habaq hang,smpi 3lbh br blh check,depa hantaq nuhh kt email yahoo...
then situasi mcm yg ats skali nun,lps tgk GPA nun aku tgk sbjk PM dgn MR perghhhhhh alhamdulillah syukur...aku trus bgn dari kerusi,trus sujud syukur...

Alhamdulillah,ingt sem 3 ni dh nk "lingkup" dh sbb bg aku personally sem plg tough,bz,jadual exm yg xbest...
Dengan kuasa ALLAH SWT,aku dpt result mcm ni,syukur yg teramat sgt..Result yg terbaik antara 3-3 sem ni,my BIG thx to my lovely lecturers,without them i wont got this result...TQVM to Laoshi Lee Chai Chuen sbb maintan kan grade sy >,< walopun mandarin III ni sy xstdy sgt,to Puan Azfahanee sbb bg sy A utk CB,to Kak Sarah sbb bg A jgk utk HRM,to En Rasyid sbb bg A utk IM,Paper yg satu hari 2paper tuh IM & HRM 2-2 sy dpt A >,< syukur sgt2,to Cik Muna sbb bg B+ kt sy walopun test 2-2 sy failed,walopun slalu dtg lmbt ke kelas =P walopun pnh dtg lmbt mse presentation =P walopun paper PM paper killer =P to Ustaz Zul sbb bg B+ utk CTU,sonok sgt-sgt sbb dlm kelas ustaz kompem xlekang dgn gelak ketawa,sembang-sembang dgn ustaz psl mcm-mcm bnda walopun dlm Politik kita x sehaluan tp tetap enjoy,ur trademark "Ya ya ya " & "Kacau...kacau..." akan sy ingt smpi Prof Zaki sbb bg sy B walopun x perform bgs...ur idea abt research,abt biz sgt brilliant insyAllah nnt sy follow up lain >,< Ternyata doaku dimakbulkan oleh ALLAH SWT alhamdulillah amin,so aku akan "bayar" nazar aku nnt iaitu Puasa 5 Hari >,< mayb ahad o isnin ni start insyAllah...never! never! never lose hope,when u feel like that always think that Allah alway with you & juz never! never! never forget da all-mighty Allah swt,never forget to pray to HIM insyAllah our prays will be granted,like i did >,< alhamdulillah,syukur....amin

Dengan berakhirnya semester 3 ni maka berakhirlah semester dgn 7sbjk (dr sem1-3) =P aku tgal lg 10sbjk utk dihabeskan dlm 2semester & aku dh bahagikan cantik punya sem 4 - 5sbjk ( tarik sbjk part5 1 - issues in marketing) yg len sbjk part4 & sem 5 - 5sbjk...wish me all da best utk sem-sem mendatang insyAllah aku akan cuba yg terbaek utk skor lg tgi lg...mcm Atiq (dh 2x dh hmpir-hmpir dpt rmh flat),mcm Xuehaila,mcm G-joy (chaiyok2 utk DL terakhir utk ANC hg weih),mcm Ari ( gila-gila la  "rmh flat" ) & ofkos mcm dak noty NSBMT yg dh dpt ANC dia =P abg nk jgk blh x? =P korunk sume sumber inspirasi aku,motivater aku & ofkos my roomate,classmate,coursemate & my vice xyah bgtau pn ampa dh tau kot..skor kaw-kaw weihh kita "lumba-lumba" ok? =P
special thx to my beloved crew's & fifty3,b33s here in merbok,jgn lupe weihhhh Seoul Garden sem dpn on my treat >,< & ofkos for my beloved family, Mak, abah, yeop, yong ida nyah & abg fuad + zaim,zaquan & zara <3 u guys sgt2 tq so much for ur supports & prayers for me i will never ever forget that...& last but not least to my beloved person Hashirah Mohd Ramle tq so much 4 ur support & pray Bbcb <3 Muahhhz777 =,)

- My "Miracle" has come back to me >,< -

p/s : actually ada byk lg entry nk tls sblm yg ni,tp xsbr nk update yg ni so update hat ni dulu la noooo =) & sepatutnye aku nk update dlm entry ni cara-cara nk sujud syukur,tp lps ni je la k aku update...ada byk jenis sujud akan aku update dlm entry lps ni,antara nya sujud syahwi,sujud tilawah dll...

**Oh ya,aku xstick penulisan aku dlm satu-satu bahasa,& loghat tulisan aku jgk bercampur-campur harap maklum,kekeliruan anda amat dikesali =,+"

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Temuduga - Interview

Temuduga Sbg “Calon Jenazah

Semua Akan Dikehendaki Hadir Tanpa Sebarang Pengecualian

Kekosongan Jawatan:
1. Ahli Syurga Dari Awal.
2. Ahli Neraka Dari Awal.
3. Ahli Neraka Sementara .. Kemudian Akan Dilantik Jadi Ahli Syurga.

Empat Ganjaran Lumayan (Khas Untuk Jawatan 1)
1. Nikmat Kubur.
2. Perlindungan Di Padang Mahsyar.
3. Keselamatan Meniti Titian Sirat.
4. Syurga Yang Kekal Abadi.

Tarikh Temuduga:
Bila-Bila Masa Secara Adhoc Bermula Dari Saat Membaca Iklan Ini.
Lokasi Temuduga:
Di Dalam Kubur (Alam Barzakh).

Anda Tidak Perlu Bawa Siji-Sijil,Termasuk Sijil Saham Termasuk Saham Internet.
Anda Tidak Perlu Bawa Pingat , Mercedes Mata Belalang Atau Kad Kredit.
Anda Tidak Perlu Bawa Wang Atau Harta Serta Emas Yang Anda Kumpul.
Anda Tidak Perlu Berparas Rupa Yg Cantik, Hensem Atau Berbadan Tegap Atau Seksi.

*Sila Bawa Dokumen Asal Iaitu : Iman Dan Amal Serta Sedekah Jariah Sebagai Sokongan.

Mungkar Dan Nakir.

**Enam Soalan Bocor:
1. Siapa Tuhan Anda?
2. Apa Agama Anda?
3. Siapa Nabi Anda?
4. Apa Kitab Anda?
5. Di Mana Kiblat Anda?
6. Siapa Saudara Anda?

Cara Memohon:
Anda Cuma Perlu Menunggu Penjemput Yang Berkaliber Untuk Menjemput Anda. Ia Akan Menjemput Anda Pada Bila-Bila Masa Saja (Mungkin Sekejap Lagi). Ia Akan Berlembut Kepada Orang-Orang Tertentu Dan Akan Bengis Kepada Orang-Orang Tertentu. Ia Diberi Nama Izrail...

credit to Cahaya Putih (from fb)

P/s actually this entry not from me but i find that this matters really important to be share,to be remind for all of us (of course including me Mohd Zaihasrul Syafiq B. Zainal Akmar & others )
Pssst,sbnrnye entry yg aku nk post ilang mne tah,aku dh save tp xjmpe so backup entry >,< Wasslm...

Sunday, 12 June 2011

"Wanted's Book"

It's sound suspicious...

Hahaha...actually nothing much it's just my list of books that i want to buy later =) aku bkan seorg yg minat membaca sgt a.k.a  BookWorm and i actually hate reading book,but since i enter degree plus changing my course from accountancy to business (marketing to be exact) which require me to read alot =,=" & aku mula menyemai minat utk membaca,haha ingt main farmville je blh xde la semai sgt atleast aku cuba menerbitkan minat utk membaca walhal dulu mse diploma mmg xsentuh la weihhh bku2 membaca ni,harap yg bku akademik pun sbb terpaksa =,=" tu pun last-last minute jgk bwu aku membaca kalo nk srh baca awl-awl mmg harapan la kan..hahaha al-maklum la msa tu msih lagi zaman "D o t a : the way to be unstoppable" hahaha

Here da wanted's books list..

Ok fine,enuf with da merapu-merapan kt ats nun,now lemme list down those book's dat i have in my list...and and da list are : - 

1.A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Author : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad rm100

2.It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be
Author : Arden, Paul rm36.15

3.Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life
Author : Spencer, Johnson rm29.90

4.Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking
Author : Gladwell, Malcolm rm32.95

5.Interlock (Interlok)
Author : Abdullah Hussain rm30

6.The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
Author : Gladwell, Malcolm rm32.95

Ok done,these 6 books are my top list in my wanted's book..but still i looking forward to buy others type of reading material such as novels =) & below are some of da list :-

da trilogy of  "bagaikan puteri" & i heard that there a new one for da trilogy
(sry x update sgt =,=) according to my aunty these novels are da best from RAM,so i'm looking to read it in da future and buy it as my collection & i love his masterpiece =)
"Author : RAM (Ramlee Awang Murshid)
the best thriller's author in da Malaysia "

there are reason why i love RAM's novel so much & da reason is i fell in love with,da novel "Mikhail" that novel really catch my attention & create da mood for me to read novel & looking forward to read more of  RAM's novel...

malas nye nk tls sinopsis,nnt korang google je la k >,< lps baca novel ni minat aku utk membaca novel membuak-buak mcm bdk-bdk dpt gula-gula/aiskrim =P langsung aku trus google novel-novel nukilan RAM mencari novel-novel yg menarik minat aku & akhirnya aku tertarik pada novel ni Hatiku Di Harajuku

Perghhh jln cite novel ni gempakk ouhhh permainan watak-watak dlm novel ni superb =)
Lepas novel ni aku bace trilogi Tombiruo & masih tersangkut di novel ke2,Semangat Hutan...
sibuk bgt xsempat nk baca =(

Opss,terlupa plak...aku ada jgk membaca bku-bku koleksi mak aku...

Antara koleksi-koleksi bku mak aku,hasil dr Abdul Latip Talib..
Kebanyakan dr koleksi ni tentang,Nabi Muhammad SAW,shbt-shbt baginda & 4Imam besar dunia islam (mazhab maliki,hanafi,syafie & hambali)

Last but not least is my precious collection is my respectful leader in Malaysia,
Ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad

Kalo xsilap aku la,buku ni antara penyebab ayahanda Tun Dr dibuang dari UMNO tetapi beliau dipujuk/diajak masuk semula UMNO selepas Allayarham Tun Hussein Onn meminta beliau kembali kepada UMNO (Kalo slh sila btl kan yer,dgn kadar segera...thx >,<)

Beb,bku terbaekkk habaq hang...mengenai surat-menyurat antara ayahanda Tun Dr dgn pemimpin-pemimpin dunia seperti Bush, Chirac, Blair, Thatcher and Prince Charles. Bku ni terbahagi kepada beberapa bhgian seperti, 

i) Terrorism : Winning Hearts & Minds
ii) Globalisation : Between Power & Powerlessness
iii) War & Conflict : ...then peace (as always)
iv) Economic & Diplomatic Relations : Raw Power (Not skill) is Real Diplomacy

Antara bhgian yg plg aku suka terrorism & war & conflict,byk maklumat-maklumat berguna yg aku dpt yg sblm ni aku xtau lgsg,sedikit sebanyak sejarah perang terutama perang Bosnia yg mana tentera Malaysia terlibat secara langsung dlm misi menyelamatkan Bosnia dr terus dianiaya oleh puak Serb 

Surat-surat yang ditulis ayahanda Tun Dr sgt mudah difahami walaupun kadang-kadang terdapat 1-2 perkataan yg kita xpernah tgk pn tp msih mudah difahami kerana gaya penulisannya yang sgt bgs,btw da book is in English ok? So there are several word that i never know da meaning  & i had to refer dictionary for da meaning =,="
my english not that good ok,so i need dictionary =P from that i can add new vocab for my own good
nnt aku bt entry psl ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad (perlukan byk research ouhhh )

Cop-cop,ada lg 1 bku yg aku teringin nk baca tp aku xmau beli bku ni sbb nnt aku sumbangkan 
kt penulis dia =,=" kt bwh ni bku dia...

im wonder wats da "Hard Truths" he trying to say =,="
if he want to compare Malaysia with Singapore,i've plenty in my head to defense >,<
but idk how im gonna read this book =,=" 

p/s - ok cukup smpai disini shj utk 2nd entry
& again i dont stick my writing to certain language bcoz i like to cmpur-cmpur but i hope its not confusing >,<


- the end -

Saturday, 11 June 2011

"Innama a'malu bin niat"

  1. Wink3 =) syafiq in da house & dh ada blog ouhh,yeayyyy!Actually dh lame menjadi blogger cuma yg lama punya blog xpenah publish pn,utk bca sendiri-sendiri je...
  2. Cuma kali ni terasa nak share-share so,there u go >,< 
  3. Blog kali ni bkan totally about me like b4 but akan ada info & pengalaman yg berguna  إن شاء الله‎
  4. Oh ya,memandang skang tgh cuti pjgggggggg (utk student dgree,yg diploma sila la jeles =P ) terdapat byk masa terluang yg akan dipenuhi dgn pelbagai aktiviti إن شاء الله‎ antara nya :-
    • ber-blog Woot3 =) 
    • buat Full Research ( tgh cari tajuk,adoi idea pls =,= actually it's for next sem's subject,Issues in Marketing or mayb for Channel Management or for research that i can carry for my internship,master mayb >,<)
    • berniaga di Kiosk NR (kt Blok B,dpn courtyard)
    • menjalankan tugas sbgai JPNR utk sesi program diploma ni =,=" (kena berkorban cuti sket sbb JPNR xde dak diploma)
    • tgh mencari idea & bt paperwork utk join IID bln9 nnt (idea dh ada 2-3,cuma cara pelaksanaan dia tuh msih dlm proses & 1 of da idea is issues regarding NR,hopefully our team can come out with a good solution for this matters)
    • looking ideas for JPNR's activity next sem (dgree's student session) which i got plenty of it in my mind and can't wait to "throw it out" into action >,<
    • dll =,="
  5. Ok,enuf with da intro =) btw welcome to sharkyville,da land of sharing...hahahaha perasan abes,but to be honest im here bcoz i want to share,so there's no wrong if i call it "da land of sharing" >,<
  6. Opssy,almost forgot...there nothing i write in above regarding the entry title =,=
    "Innama a'mlu bin niat : sesungguhnya amal perbuatan itu bergantung pada niat"
    wut im trying to tell is that im starting blog bcoz my intention here to share,and i hope it's will be beneficial to others 
    إن شاء الله‎ & hopefully dgn niat aku ni segalanya akan berjalan dgn lancar,amin =)
  7. Setiap perbuatan jika bermula dgn niat yang baik إن شاء الله‎ hasilnya akan lebih berjaya,berjaya disini membawa maksud kita bukan sahaja dpt keputusan yg bagus,kerja siap tetapi hasilnya dapat dimanfaatkan bersama & disamping kita dapat beramal sesama kita..
  8. Teringat waktu MDS yg lps,bila Jamirul ada cakap kalau kita buat kerja tu dgn ikhlas insyAllah kita tidak akan merasa penat yang sia-sia,malah kita akan merasa kepuasan dimana kita membantu saudara-saudara kita utk berjihad (belajar di uitm ni) & الحمد لله ianya terbukti benar.
  9. Masa mula-mula nk join MDS dl,walaupun aku xisi borang tp niat aku join sbb nk tambah pengalaman =) sbb sblm ni mmg aku xpenah join program-program mcm ni & MDS ada platform utk aku timba pengalaman & selain tu aku join sbb aku nk tmbh kwn-kwn >,< mana-mana program yg aku join ni salah satu objektif aku. sonok kan kalo kita ada beribu-ribu kwn =) pssstt...pssst...kt fb aku dh 800 fren lg sikit nk 1000 =) sbb bila kita ada ramai kwn kita blh xchange mcm-mcm dari diorg,give & take plus sharing is caring aite =)
  10. tetapi harus di ingat jika niat kita sebaliknya iaitu berniat buruk,spt mencari publisiti dsb aku berani jamin xlama weihh siyes habaq hang...mmg akan dpt publisiti tp lama-kelamaan akan terserlah keburukannya =)
  11. Islam itu agama yg mulia & lagi adil,kalo niat kita baik kita akan dapat pahala,itu br niat kalo disusuli dgn perbuatannya lagi bertambah pahala yg kita dpt tetapi kalo niat kita jahat/buruk & selagi tidak diterbitkan kepada perbuatan tidak akan mendapat dosa,wallahualam..ini yang aku tahu la,kalo salah sila tegurkan dgn kadar segera..
  12. aku ada juga terbaca kt blog-blog org lain mengenai niat,ada yg mengatakan sebaliknya,dlm blog tuh ckp kalo niat jahat pn dpt dosa ( blogger from indonesia ) & ada yg membincangkan mengenai niat sblm memulakan solat,sehingga terdapat saudara kita mengalami kesukaran semasa hendak memulakan solat padahal mengikut blogger tersebut,islam itu memudahkan dimana niat sepatutnya tidak menjadi isu tetapi sesuatu yg mudah kdg-kdg lawak jgk aku perhatikan bila Imam dh nk rukuk,laju plak diorg ni niat solat =,=" wallahualam...
  13. aku rasa cukup sampai disini utk 1st entry aku,sblm mengakhiri entry nih ermmm,blh tuju lagu? >,<
    P/s - More entries coming very da soon =P Maaf,aku x stick writing aku dlm satu-satu bahasa..campur-campur english & bahasa ja,ok kowt..kdg-kdg kalo terkluar er er er o loghat utara tu phm-phm je la 1Malaysia maaaaaa...wassalam ~