Friday, 31 August 2012

Selamat Hari Merdeka yg ke-55!!

Assalamualaikum wbt

"Selamat Hari Merdeka yg ke-55" Keranamu Malaysia,opsss sry...tagline lama ek? =P Sry to say la kan,tagline br ni mcm x "urmmm" la =) biar orang nk kata aku ni out-dated or wutevar tp "Keranamu Malaysia" antara tagline terbaikkk selamat 55tahun kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu =) walaupun usia aku baru mengjangkau 26tahun >,<

Merdeka tapi fikiran rakyat masih 3rd class minded
Merdeka tapi fikiran rakyat masih Pak Turut
Merdeka tapi fikiran rakyat masih seperti cetek ilmu
Merdeka tapi fikiran rakyat masih mahu bertongkat
Merdeka tapi fikiran rakyat masih mahu disuap

tapi yg menarik nya orang yg cakap seperti diatas pun

Merdeka & 1st class minded tapi tindakan mcm 3rd class minded
Merdeka & Aktif/Assertif tapi tindakan mcm Pak Turut
Merdeka & berilmu tinggi tapi tindakan mcm orang cetek ilmu
Merdeka & sihat tapi tindakan masih perlukan tongkat
Merdeka & "dewasa" tapi tindakan masih mahu bersuap

Penat lagu ni,dh mcm jadi sama balik ja =) kemonn lahh kemonn lahhh
Kita ada agama,Islam tu sempurna...
Jangan lupa "title" kita walau kt depan ada title apa sekalipun mahupun di belakang nama kita

Kita semua " HAMBA " Allah Swt,tp kita ni bertuah sket sbb kita jadi umat junjungan mulia Nabi Muhammad SAW :,) mcm2 "subsidi" kita dapat,x cukup beruntung & bertuah lg ka :)

Back to basic/back to root,dgn Islam kita pasti selamat

p/s : Eh eh eh,sy xckp psl politik ok =) so please free your minded from that >,< tp kalo nk msk pn apa salah nya,baik government or opposition mana2 sma ja,yg salah di sisi Allah tetap salah,wallahualam ~

Actually this post is to share my fb's status so,below is my status =)

"i ♥ Weekend :) Nak-nak cuti 3hri plak kan >,< Selamat Hari Merdeka yg ke-55!! Merdeka dari dijajah,tp merdekakah kita?Minda?ada yg kata msih sarat di minda msing2 dgn agenda penjajah,ada yg sedar ada yg tanpa sedar,ada yg kata kita merdeka tp minda msih 3rd class minded,so 1st class minded ni cuba menunjukkan cara 1st class minded erti sebenar "merdeka" tp malangnya mcm lbh kurang ja...Merdeka yg 
sebenar dgn kembali kpd Agama,back to basic/back to the root...Islam tu sempurna,Islam tu luas!! Ayuh merdekakan diri Syaitan,merdekakan diri fahaman yg bertentangan dgn Islam,Rukun Islam & Rukun Iman itu kita dokong,br x rebah dek "penjajah" Yang wajib kita jaga,br la yg lagha tu kita dapat tepis dgn mudah!!Jgn tinggal solat,sbb kalo itu pn xblh nk jg toksah berangan nk bising2 sana-sini,even solat kita jg sekali pn,adab tu perlu seiring,br hidup kita lebih aman & harmoni...Jgn jadi orang islam semata-mata,kerna ada orang islam yg fasik...Jom jadi orang mukmin :,) wallahualam ~"

Jom jadi orang mukmin,it's a must,it's our ticket,& it's a journey <3

Wassalam ~

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bila org kuruihhh pi Gym,motif??

Assalamualaikum wbt

Wahhhhh!! Berhabuk teghokkk bloggy aku ni,nk buat cmna kan dh mood menaip asyik xsampi-sampi ja,plus ada komitmen len dtg sama,which is recently i juz started my internship semester,Ramadhan & Syawal & & b4 that with examination & preparation & so on =,="

Btw, its already 5weeks had elapsed for my internship & left out about 15weeks more to go,Jiayou-jiayou Syafiq >,< There a lot of more to be tru since 15weeks kinda long period,but yet i'm still way too excited to finish this fast even though my internship end on 7th December 2012 but yet still got Viva & Research report to be present & submit & in shaa Allah all will be finish before new year 2013 :) aamiin

Oh yeaa,i'm not here to story-mory about my internship but i'm here for this entry to share about something else which is "Bila org kuruihhh pi Gym,motif?"

Actually,bila ckp p gym ja mesti sinonim dgn muscular body,6pack,those bulk muscle & so on..kan kan? cecece jgn nk tipu =P tp mmg btl pn benda2 cmtu mmg akan dikaitan dgn gym

tp yg menjadikan isu skg ni ialah bila org kuruihhh mcm aku ni ( Ngeeee,perasan jap ) pi gym utk apa?sebenarnya ada benda penting yg sinonim selain kt ats td dgn gym iaitu tadaaaaaaaaaa fitness & lean body. This two things are more important for skinny person when associated with gym. Usually,skinny lazy a** bone like me =P which seldom to exercise is expose to disease,sick & ill. Even though skinny person look low fat physically but actually the fat occupied in blood/cholesterol and it's lead to high-blood pressure that normally senior citizen/older people but recent research shown that currently many adult at late 20th got this problem.

Okey,back to gym's issue...last tuesday night,i'm hangout with my fren's in Mamak's & one of them told that he went to gym somewhere at Taman Pekaka near USM Transkerian. He also told me that the fee really affordable,RM60 per month which really attract me the most. It's really arose my interest to subscribe there.

The gym's name,MFC which located in the same row with Riyas's & it's at 2nd floor of the building,my fren also told me that the equipment also fully equipped and there are trainer that assist us which much better =)

I've plan to start going there in this coming September,& already convince my 2 fren to come along with me. We're decide to go there after isya' & will be back around 11.30pm.

I know that outdoor cardio like jogging is much better than indoor in term of effectiveness,burning rate & so on,but since my work end at 5pm it's kinda tiredly to jogging in the evening & it's an obstacle to me in fact i would like to play football at field in front of my house at that time >,< at least by going to gym i can avoid the exposure to disease,sicks,& illness right?

My intention :

It's not like i wanna body like:

or like this 

or entering bodybuilding tournament like this

By going gym,i would like to focus more on doing cardio exercises like using treadmill & bicycle & jumping & elliptical because these exercise will help me in :

  • Increasing of my endurance.
  • Contributes to healthy and good mental state of mind and good healthy skin.
  • Burns thoughs calories down quickly.
  • Increases the blood flow going to the muscles.
  • Lowers an individuals heart resting rate.
  • Improves the bodies metabolism for being faster.
  • Improves an individuals overall appearance

  • Hoping that after doing all this workouts & exercises i would have this type of body at least =P

    This is my goal >,<

    Below are some tips of using treadmill :

    Make a Regular Routine- After you have purchased a treadmill you must start using it first. Making your workouts a regular routine is the first thing you must do and follow too. Since you have treadmill at your place you are free to use it anytime. Routine making makes your mind focused that yes you i have to do workout today and slowly slowly it will become a schedule in your daily lifestyle.
    Don't Jump Off Instantly Over It- Means that don't just start running like its a race you are running to win . Start with ease , first start by slow running or walking on it and find speed that is comfortable for you. Generally its about 4-5 km per hour that you should start with. As your confidence will build up slowly slowly increase your speed of running according to you.
    Workout Times- Its often seen that beginners run like hell on the first day 1hour or more and from next day they are not able to use it again and are not interested again to walk on it and comes after long gaps. These thing 
    will not going to work and you will not find any results. Increase your workout timings slowly, say first day you exercised for 15-20 Minutes maintain this for 5-6 days and after that come to 25-30 minutes and so on . This will make your body incline towards these timings and will give good results.
    Run as you run outside- Running in treadmill make body posture like bending forward, running by hoding hand-rails. These things should keep in mind that while you do workouts on treadmill maintain a normal stride and not too long one's, keep you body straight and head should face forward. Run freely without holding hand-rails as you run outside this will maintain your body posture and your workout will become more effective.
    Intensity of your workouts- As you become comfortable on treadmill increase you intensity of workouts by either increasing the inclination or your speed of running. More intense workouts give better results but by keeping above points in mind.
    Try Different Workouts-Change your workouts while running on treadmill . Like if you are running for 5 min after that you can jog for little time say 2 minutes and then again come on running. Varying your exercises maintains our heart rate metabolism and gives effective results. Keep water bottle also near you as running makes you dehydrated.
    Enjoy while you run- Running and daily workouts can make you feel bored and it may effect your workouts. So while running you can listen to music or see television your favorite show , news etc. These activities will make you more involved in your workouts and as a result you can workout for longer time without getting bored.
    Last but not the Least- After you are to end your workouts be careful that you must make your hear rest well. Running on treadmill makes heart rate above normal and sudden stoppage of your workout can make you feel dizzy. So whenever you are going to end the workout end it with a slow jogging or walk so that you heart comes to normal.

    As cardio exercise as whole,

    The best cardio workouts are the exercises that you wil be doing every day on a cosistant basis. Choose the exercises that fits you the best and be sure to change up your exercises often.  Also try interval training during your cardio workouts that can also help you complete your fitness goal.
    There are two different kinds of cardio when it comes to cardio training. The "slow & steady" group and the "high intensity" group. Here is how these two groups breakdown.

    Slow & Steady Cardio
    • Long duration cardio (45min - 1 hour)
    • Low intensity cardio
    • Burn fat and not the carbs
    • Preserve joints
    High Intensity Cardio
    • Short duration cardio (20min - 30min)
    • High intensity cardio also known as (interval training)
    • Burn lots of calories and speeds up your metabolism throughout the day
    • Consider cardio like lifting weights, "explosive movements (sprinting, etc)

    "The combination with slow & steady, & high intensity cardio will be the best practice in first 6 weeks,i need to snap pics & to observe the progress b4 i can proceed with other part such as chest,bicep & tricep,shoulders,back & legs which require different types of routine."

    Until then,assalamualaikum wbt

    - End -