Friday, 24 June 2011

Being a facilitator...Part1

23rd June 2011 :
There is one program hold in Dewan Perdana UiTM Kedah which involving MDAB o Pre-comm's student and its start at around 8.30PM and end around 11PM. Suppose to be the participants if all MDAB/Pre-comm attend it will be about 360 student. Unfortunately,i heard there are others program involving College's Masria & they cant attend to this program and da number whose attend are lesser.

this program also known as LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan) among diploma/degree students,which we need to attend during weekend =,=" listening to booooooooooring lecture from da invited speaker/lecturer/freelance motivater & doing activities in groups & so on...

Ok-ok back to da topic,bla bla bla..then every faci must handle one group of this student but there also 2faci for one group. In my group,i got about 6-teen student (5 of them are boys,adoi lupe sorg lg =,=" shauki-yen-azri-jan & yana-anis-tikah-eirah-eila-wawa-faten-minah-mina-firah-liyana)
after we introduced ourselves i start to approach them,asking variety of question regarding their study. im fully aware that there are MDAB's that got 4-5A's in SPM but they unfortunate result in Math & English which making them to take dis pre-comm instead of diploma.

At first,im asking them regarding english/BEL' class, then i share them some tips that i went through o what im doing to improve my english even though my English not dat good,MUET with Band3 sad!!!! but i think my vocab quite numerous. i told them that i learn english tru Games & Manga (Japanese's Comics,which is in english eg Naruto,One Piece & Bleach ) =P which i was a hardcore gamer & love reading manga.Beside tht manga really help me a lot by adding more vocab to me & i also read <---- Ayahanda Tun Dr Mahathir's Blog which give tons of info & knowledge regardless da issues. My big thx to him,my idol here in Malaysia o i could say in da world and i also give them example like they can learn english tru songs which i know that teens love to sing english song & from da lyrics they can add new vocab for them. Beside, i also recommend them to buy small notebook like "buku 555" & start to find 5new words and write down da meaning + make a sentence over it. This method i learned since my primary school called "LAWAD : Learn a word a day" from here there can practice to use those words into they essay. can u imagine if they maintain to practice LAWAD,in one month they manage  to learn about 30x5=150words =) superb isn't it? >,<

then i move asking about math,which from my exp math = practice everyday = easy = remembered =)
if we doing something every day i bet u will easily remember aite? =) so if u get confuse try to ask lecturer before u're left behind & dragged. insyAllah u'll juz fine >,<

i think i wanna stop here even though there plenty that i share & told during this program with them...
Later i update more regarding this since  i got more program with them later on >,<


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