Saturday, 5 May 2012

Watch for hobby?Errr..mayb not..

Assalamualaikum wbt...
Hmmm, when asking about watch to me actually i'm not really interested for about 26year i'm been living in this world as far as i remember i'm only had one watch itu pun masa diploma dulu which 4-5 years ago plus bukan aku yang beli pun jam tu,my gf (for sure now my exgf) at that time give to me as present but i can't recalled for what reason she gave to me,either for my birthday or else coz i did bought her shoe in return if i'm not mistaken. 

The reason why i don't like wearing watch is bcoz it's really disturb my wrist movement. I used to be a hardcore PC user o to be exact is hardcore gamer. Things like watch & bracelet will be disturbance when my hand around keyboard & mouse so this the main reason i don't like wearing watch.

But recently ( not so recent la..) i saw my fren wearing G-shock watch with Purple & Pink color as below.From far away the watch look like in the Maroon color & it's really captivated me,someone who doesn't like watch. From that point, i started to like watch & looking for my 1st watch ever >,< btw my fren also had the one with Black & Green color watch.

After looking for the right watch that i like & love to buy,i had a "crashed" on this watch (below) then i searched for the details, later on i found that this watch is limited edition watch with price that unimaginable coz even a second hand watch it cost about RM1,900-RM2,200.

Watch Casio G-Shock GA-110F-2JR (G SHOCK GA 110F MANBOX )

Pasang dh!! =,=" I really really really want this =(

Then i'm juz like Ya Allah...! Mahal terokkkk, owner yg aku tny tu ckp dia pki jam ni weekend ja,so condition tip-top la plus dia dh "cuci tgn" sbb dlm koleksi owner ni ada 3-4pasang jam G-Shock (dlm hati bapak kaya bdk ni). 

Pastu kwn aku ckp ada "kaki" blh dpt murah kt Jepun tp murah pun x murah sgt la kan dlm RM900++ jgk,so mmg xdak harapan la nk pki Manbox ni,sekadar blh tgk gmbaq ja la jwbnya =,="

But it's not really "cut-off" my interest toward this type of watch,i'm still looking for watch that gonna "captivated" again >,< wink3

Waalaikumussalam wbt


  1. bley dpt lg ke bos man box ni dkt japan?

  2. blh tp skng prob sbb xde kaki,member yg dok p belayar tu pn jarang p sana dh