Sunday, 22 April 2012

No more "Like"

Someone say cannot "Like" pic of girl without hijab in facebook bcoz it's Haram & it's like we encourage them to do so...So no more "Like" from me for pic that not wearing Hijab & my prayer for u,girls 

"Semoga Allah membuka hati korg utk berhijrah & berubah ke arah kebaikan,bkn nk ckp korg xbaik ok?jgn slh phm...Amin amin ya rabbal alamin,insyAllah with His permission"

#pasni jgn ckp aku sombong ka pa x like2 dh gmbr korg =,="


**Actually this post i wrote in my fb quite sometime,but i keep it here in draft until i had mood to post :P

(Source: If i'm not mistaken i got it from UAI's fb post)

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