Sunday, 8 April 2012

From fb to bloggy : My Big Thanks for the Birthday's wishes...

1.Actually it's not a new thing to be post since its kinda "expired" coz it's been posted in my fb last 22nd March 2012 right after it passed my birthday at Thursday 1.28am
2. As the title mention it's about my Big big big thanks from me for the birthday's wishes that i had received regardless the methods (tru fb,twitter,sms,cll & bbm)
"First of all,thx Allah SWT with His Permission i'm still alive until now,thx to Him that i still can devote,worship myself to Him,thx to Him i still can repent from my sins,thx to Him i still can change myself to be anak yg soleh insyAllah agar tidak menjadi "beban" kepada Ibu Bapa ku,to be a good mukmin so that i can berdakwah ke jln Allah SWT,to be a good student to my teachers/lecturers,to be a good friend to my beloved friends,to be a good citizen to my beloved country Malaysia insyAllah..i would like to thx all my family & friends for the bday's wishes tru fb,calls,sms,bbm which i'm already reply back each one of it,i think :P May Allah Bless You all,hopefully with His permission,with this borrowed bodies of us we can change for better in searching keredhaan & bekalan dlm menuju Hari Kiamat kelak ~ Tq Allah,tq my mom & dad,with both of you i wont be here & without Him wont be here from the beginning...Semoga kita dapat menjadi Mukmin yg dikasihi & diredhai Allah SWT & Our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh insyAllah thank again with ♥ From MZSBZA"
~T H A N K Y O U ~

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