Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Errr...Another comeback entry :P

Assalamualaikum wbt,

1.Agak lama aku x post new entry,bkan ada pembaca yg menanti setiap entry aku pn kan,so i've no obligation to do so aite =P but if i did got reader waiting for my post,then i will happily keep posting new entry >,< boleh mcm tu?

2.Orang mcm aku jenis x kreatif dlm menulis memerlukan mood yg tgi mengarang sesuatu even i have so many thing to share about,tp mood menjadi penghalang, errrr sry peeps.

3.btw,happy divali to Indians in Malaysia :) even though i dont have many India friend beside Sathish who live in the sama residential,Taman Kerian =,="

4.And today's also my friends birthday Kamal,my fren since diploma at UiTM SIlver Campus,Acap friend & also my jr at UiTM Merbok, & my new friend Che Nin a.k.a Syikin,ex-practical student at Pejabat MARA Kerian,Happy Birthday to you 3,May Allah Bless You,aamiin & All da best in study,live,future in shaa Allah :)

5.Actually, we (me & the rest) juz finished our last program at Hotel Taiping Perdana,Seminar Kewangan Islam Anjuran bersama MARA Kerian&Larut Matang/Selama & dgn kerjasama Bank Muamalat & Majlis Agama Islam & Adat Melayu Perak... (brapa byk "&" lahhhhh). the program start at the morning till evening at 4.30,with the crowd almost 200people (students,entrepreneurs etc)

6. Lovely & Sporting panel we have that make the program live,for 1st panel from MAIAMP Ustaz Mohd Latif Talib with his speech about Zakat,then to our "star" of event, Ustaz Mohd Hafiz Hj Fauzi from Bank Mualamat,Riba: Jalan Pintas ke Neraka,Ustaz Zaharuddin Alias from Biz Banking Division of Bank Muamalat HQ,& En Noor Syukri Branch Manager of Bank Mualamat PB talking about Islamic Banking Products.

7. I dont have pics with me now,but in shaa Alla i will get by tomorrow from my fren Ila at office tomorrow :)

That's it,until then...
I see you,when i see you =P


Dr. M.Z.Syafiq C.M. wannabe <3 Ngeeeee berangan sat :D

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