Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I'm "skipping" the R-Day!

  • R-Day refer to Result's day which is gonna be on 22/2/2012 as many of us know but i wish i didn't know that :( as for me for being all concern regarding those important matters,i just cannot ignore those things...
  • At first i thought it all goes smoothly as planned which i wish i can "skipping" that R-Day due to "Kursus PM" for incoming MDS which fall on 22-24th Feb 2012 then Minggu Destini Siswa MDS will be on 25-2nd March 2012 for both activities will give me chance to "skip" that R-Day >,< Ngeeee...
  • But unfortunately i received a call from Unit Kaunseling & Kerjaya UKK said that the number of PM for incoming MDS will be reduce from 14 people to 4people only due to information from HEP that new student will be coming around 40 people,& i'm one of 10 people =( actually i don't mind much about being PM or not but because of the situation i can understand why i can't be PM but what's bother me much is how i'm gonna "skip" that R-Day since i don't have anything to distract my attention towards that R-Day :(
  • Fyi,i can't handle curiosity very well because it's really really killing me if there something i'm curious about & i rather do anything to find the answer for my curiosity & it's applies to this R-Day as well. 
  • With the new way of checking result without entering the student portal which is directed to our email will make my hand to check it as fast as i can to "kill" this curiosity. 
  • To be honest i'm freaking scare with the outcome,like i mention in my previous entry my final examination goes not so well as i expected even though i work hard for that :(( 
  • Hmm,i never miss my prayer to Allah for a good/excellent result,yeah i do aiming for 4flat for this semester but not this time around & my only craving hope this time to get a DL again even just for 3.5 sharp will be fine enough for me & i really really really want this at least so that i can "clear the path" for me to give "Special Gift" to my parent during my convocation later on,insyAllah :,( 
  • That's why i really really really scare for this R-Day & i need to "skip" this R-Day BUT how?any help peeps? :(   

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