Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My "weird" hobby during this examination period (Sem Sept-Jan) . . .

  • It's happen during my recent examination last 9th,14th,17th & 20th January. 
  • For this 4th semester i took 5 subject with 4 subject got final examination.
  • The subject are Issues in Marketing (This one no final examination yet its suppose to be Part5's subject but i pulled it for this semester), 
  • Managerial Economy ME, Channel Management (Both subject ME & Channel are among my target subject that need to put a lot of attention which i categorize them under Killer Subjects for Semester4 ever since last long long long semester break the 4month break which is before i enter semester 4), 
  • Service Marketing ( subject that suddenly became a Killer Paper with 14Chapter, idk why because it used to be a "FOR SURE A" paper =,=" Deng!! Rugi btl x amek last sem =,=") 
  • & Marketing Commnunication with 12Chapter with easy-to-understand chapter because all chapter are familiar thing for us as a "Future Marketers"
As the semester goes by & the battle's date as above:

9th Jan - For Managerial Economy 

14th Jan - For Service Marketing

17th Jan - For Channel Management

20th Jan - For Marketing Communication

Hahahahaaa...kalo org len dok ghisau psl paper,soklan pe keluar aku dgn slumber nye duduk2 kt meja keluar hp snap pic no meja :) bkan nye xriso cume sje nk tngkp gmbr no meja kali ni hik3 no cantik2 kan sbb ada no7 which is my pebret number :P kecuali paper 17th Jan tu,dpt 136 mayb sbb tu la kot soklan mcm haram lagi keluar,ssh terokkk kot smpi almost 80% kertas jawapan merapu sbb xtau jawapan =,=" seriously its really really spoiled the day + lps paper tu stress sgt2 smpi emosi x stabil...hahahaha gile emosi,mane tak nye aku target A solid kot utk paper tuh penat je skor carry mark tgi2 last2 final paper bt spoil,GGGggggrrrrrrrrr...

Final exam dh abes pn,usaha dah tgal doa & tawakal je sebagai harapan utk sem ni tp for my personal "Mission Impossible" really gonna become Impossible for this sem but its not like i didnt work for tht,i did & i think i did spent a lot of my time this time around for preparation by staying at Library for the whole day from morning to night ( bcoz i cant stdy at Fifty3-Bees,byk gangguan :P fb & dota etc ), i did met the lecturer b4 exam for Q & so on & i did score my carry mark to put myself either the highest one or among top3 highest but idk, mayb all of that still not enuf for me to accomplished my "Mission Impossible" or mayb its too high for me to reach who's know aite BUT THIS NOT GONNA STOP ME & I WILL TRY AGAIN TRY HARDER FOR NEXT SEM TO ACCOMPLISHED MY PERSONAL "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE" THATS MY PROMISE! but as for now only Miracle from Allah SWT will make my "Mission Impossible" accomplished :) i do believe the Miracle from Allah SWT because i got several time before :) mayb mayb this time it will happen again,who's know only He know :) hanya Doa & Tawakal sebagai modal terakhir utk keputusan exam kali ini yg cemerlang pada 22/2/2012 nnt insyAllah...

Akhir kata, dulu org selalu ckp "Study smart not study hard,but for me no more that quote bcoz its should be STUDY HARD then SMART :)

p/s aku mmg suke tls campur2 pn,harap maaf bg yg tidak suka..wassalam


  1. okay..dasat tang kluaqkan fon snap no diam je..xckp lagsung...susah! hahahhahah

  2. hahahaha lps dh snap br pikiaq ssh ka x :P